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Not a quiz for the 'oldies'

Question 1
Andorra la Vella is the capital of which country?
Question 2
What are, respectively, the capital cities of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales?
Question 3
When a person says they are allergic to cats, what are they really allergic to?
Question 4
What is energy from the internal heat of the Earth called?
Question 5
What stolen property was found in a Munich apartment in November 2013?
Question 6
What hit single did Simon & Garfunkel have in 1966?
Question 7
In the Bonnie Tyler song, what was there a total eclipse of?
Question 8
Who sang "Mama... Just killed a man...put a gun against his head"...?
Question 9
Which two artists sang the smash song "True Colors" in their own versions?
Question 10
What precedes the lyric "I Got Love in My Tummy"?
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