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Question 1
The Gangotri temple marks where Hindus believe the stream of life touched earth. What river has its source nearby?
Question 2
What state chose Lincoln as its capital, but only after years of bitter fighting between the North Platters (who favored Omaha) and the South Platters (who didn't)?
Question 3
Geologists are hoping to prevent the expected course shift of what river to the Atchafalaya River, which would bypass New Orleans?
Question 4
What is Abraham Lincoln doing in the Lincoln Memorial?
Question 5
In 1964, who won an Academy Award for best actress for her role in Mary Poppins?
Question 6
If you're a character in a movie and you're driving Miss Werthan, you should also known her first name. What was it?
Question 7
Roulette wheels are numbered 1 through 36, plus a 0 and maybe a 00. If a sinful gambler added each of the numbers between 1 and 36, what evil number would she get?
Question 8
When are you most likely to spot a nocturnal animal?
Question 9
Some legumes are also oilseeds. Which of these is not one of them?
Question 10
The Dirtbombs combine garage punk and Motown soul. So, naturally, they were from what city?