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Quiz from the past

Question 1
Where was the historical region we now call the Fertile Crescent?
Question 2
In 2000, former Coca-Cola executive Vincente Fox broke decades of one-party rule when he became president of which country?
Question 3
The origins of what movement are often traced to 1831, when William Lloyd Garrison founded a Boston periodical called The Liberator?
Question 4
What Honshu city was hit with an atomic bomb?
Question 5
Hitler wouldn't let Field Marshal Friedrich von Paulus and his Sixth Army withdraw from the oil-rich Caucasus region, leading to what bloody battle?
Question 6
Who was South Africa's last apartheid-era president and Nelson Mandela's deputy president?
Question 7
Before the Allies could attack the Germans along the Somme, they moved first and captured what French city in 1916?
Question 8
Whose body was moved to Senatskaya Tower, having been moved from a nearby mausoleum where he shared space with the embalmed body of the leader before him?
Question 9
Sindhologists study what ancient civilization, formed along a river known locally as Darya-e Sindh?
Question 10
How fast were Columbus's ships going when they discovered America?
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