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Science doesnt have to be boring. Take this fun quiz.

Question 1
How many miles must one walk in order to burn off a pound of fat?
Question 2
Ergasiophobia is the fear of what?
Question 3
When the ocean gets warm, you get a spot of low pressure that sucks in dry air. What does this spot become?
Question 4
Typical! Although William Dickson invented what is now the motion-picture camera, his boss got the credit. Who was he?
Question 5
The first North American traffic light is believed to have been installed on August 5, 1914 at the corner of Euclid Ave and E. 105th St in what Ohio city?
Question 6
Foxfire is an eerie phosphorescent light produced by fungus such as Armillaria mellea. Where would you most likely find this fungus?
Question 7
Which of these battery types is used largely in Europe, typically to power a few obscure models of bicycle lamps?
Question 8
It seems odd that our moon is called the Moon, so sometimes people call it Luna. And if "the Earth" seems odd, you can use the name of what Greco-Roman Earth Mother?
Question 9
Naturally, it can only be "partly sunny" when the sun is out. What is the equivalent at night?
Question 10
What legendary 18th century Swiss mathematician did much of his best work in Russia ? and believed in the literal inerrancy of the Bible?
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