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Are you older than 50 and smart enough to score better than a 6

Question 1
What was Barack Obama's unfortunate middle name?
Question 2
What country's parliament, called the Folketing, meets at Christiansborg Palace?
Question 3
What part of their bodies did Jimmy Durante and Bob Hope impress into the cement at Grauman's Chinese Theater?
Question 4
A Canadian CBC TV movie called Flight into Danger, co-starring James "Scotty" Doohan, was spoofed by what movie?
Question 5
Played by Fay Wray in 1933 and by Naomi Watts in 2005, homeless actor Ann Darrow co-starred with what movie monster?
Question 6
Wood's glass, which blocks most wavelengths of light, was originally used to encode messages. What kind of light does it let through?
Question 7
Who gave Vincent "Tata" Ford a songwriting credit on "No Woman, No Cry" so that he'd have the funds to keep running his soup kitchen in Kingston, Jamaica?
Question 8
In 1900, the Second International established a coordinating office, the International Socialist Bureau, in what Belgian city?
Question 9
What period of time was the Industrial Revolution?
Question 10
Click on the correct spelling of this commonly misspelled word?
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