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Only the 60+ will be succesful at this quiz

Question 1
What ex-general and former president was personally offended by the movie Battle of the Bulge, which was set, not in a claustrophobically foggy forest, but on an easier-to-film treeless sunny plain?
Question 2
REM isn't just a hot rock band. It's also ....?
Question 3
In math, what does 3.14 signify?
Question 4
You know about smog, but what state has vog, or volcanic smog?
Question 5
Satisfied with the item for which the country is named, the Chinese never invented something that would have provided lenses, mirrors, beakers and spectacles, all of which would have advanced East Asian science. What?
Question 6
Lipps Inc pleaded for somebody to just take them from Minneapolis to what town, "a town that's right for me" and that could "keep me grooving with some energy"?
Question 7
Who married Toshi Ichiyanagi and Anthony Cox before setting her sights on one of the Beatles?
Question 8
Eva von Zeppelin, a descendant of an airship designer, forced what band to call itself the Nobs when performing in Copenhagen?
Question 9
Mathew Knowles is Beyonce Knowles' dad and manager. And in 1999 he fired everybody but his daughter from what band?
Question 10
What musician accidentally burned down more than 500 acres of Los Padres National Forest in 1965, thanks to a ring of fire from his truck?
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