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Question 1
What is the usual ounce capacity of a jigger?
Question 2
Which astronaut, America's first man in space, rode Freedom 7 for a 15-minute flight on May 5, 1961?
Question 3
Named from the Greek word for "scorching," what star in Canis Major is the brightest star in the night sky?
Question 4
Which of these contains, by definition, all of the others?
Question 5
Aside from -1, what is only square number that is two less than a cube number?
Question 6
This man's constant originally pegged the age of the universe at 2 billion years, less than half the actual age of the Earth. Oops. Who was he?
Question 7
What force overcomes a plane's own weight during a flight?
Question 8
Many comets, and such planetoids as Sedna, come from the Oort Cloud, found where?
Question 9
Although best known for inventing board games, who also invented that paper cutter that threatens your fingers at the office?
Question 10
What travels at 331 m/s at 0 degrees Celsius at sea level?
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