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Question 1
What Egyptian movie star was convicted in 2003 of head-butting a French policeman at the Enghien-les-Bains casino outside Paris?
Question 2
The largest Asian American community started coming over en masse after the discovery of gold in California and many worked on the transcontinental railroad. Who are they?
Question 3
What ancient people shaved their eyebrows when one of their cats died, and even had cats mummified along with them?
Question 4
New Orleans and San Francisco have the only National Historic Landmarks that move. What are they?
Question 5
There are no degrees of separation when what actor plays with his sibling Michael in the Bacon Brothers Band?
Question 6
What geographically named star has a younger sister Elle who played a younger version of her character in I Am Sam?
Question 7
A didjeridu is a eucalyptus branch hollowed out by termites. Where would be the best place to hear one being played?
Question 8
Which islands, much in the news in the 80s, are also known as Las Malvinas?
Question 9
Who was Mata Hari?
Question 10
Which former British prime minister passed away during the summer of 2013?
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