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Question 1
What is the constellation in the shape of a winged horse called?
Question 2
What is added to make a dish "parmigiana" style?
Question 3
Johannes Meyer and Johannes Rissik founded Johannesburg, which they appear to have named for themselves. Where is it?
Question 4
As the story goes, who borrowed the baggy pants borrowed from Fatty Arbuckle, the size-14 shoes from Ford Sterling, the jacket from Keystone Kopper Charles Avery and the bowler hat from Arbuckle's father-in-law?
Question 5
The Germans enjoy a good schweinknochel, even though it's what animal's knuckles?
Question 6
Who took over as Vice President in late 1973?
Question 7
What famous president-to-be was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1964?
Question 8
Who wrote 'A History of King Richard III' in the 16th century?
Question 9
Ronald Reagan was elected President in 1980. Of which state had he been Governor?
Question 10
What do we call creatures which have a backbone?
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