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Question 1
What did Nazi Albert Speer do for a living?
Question 2
Xanthippe drove her husband crazy. Athens didn't like him either. Who was he?
Question 3
By what name did West Germany's Baader-Meinhof Gang prefer to be known?
Question 4
In December 1999, what country handed Macao over to China, after having ruled it for 443 years?
Question 5
Inspired by volunteerism, Peggy Noonan coined what phrase that came to define George HW Bush's presidency?
Question 6
Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill let the Soviets have Eastern Europe at the Yalta Conference, held in what present-day country?
Question 7
In 1993, what First Lady stickhandled her husband's failed effort to guarantee low-cost health care to all Americans?
Question 8
What couple, who appeared in ads attacking Hillary Clinton's healthcare plans in the 1990s, switched sides in 2009 in ads supporting Obama's plan?
Question 9
What country's King Sejong the Great developed the hwacha, which could fire 200 explosive arrows at a time from a range of 100 meters?
Question 10
Which of these groups had nothing to do with the Crusades, being Christian slaves and POWs who got turned into elite units of the Turkish military?
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