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Do you know the answer to question 9?

Question 1
What would you be looking for in China if you asked for Wanli Changcheng?
Question 2
Holland is not actually a country, but is instead the name of two of the 12 provinces in what country?
Question 3
A dog named Peanuts set a world record as the world's smallest living dog when he tipped the scales at just 18 oz. in 1988. What breed was he?
Question 4
What island is home to mento, a calypso-like music that influenced other indigenous genres, such as ska and reggae?
Question 5
In what city did Princess Diana suffer her fatal car crash?
Question 6
Who was George Orwell?
Question 7
Which President owned a ranch called 'Rancho del Cielo' in California?
Question 8
Gerry Adams was a significant political figure in the 90s in which region?
Question 9
In 1999, there was a bad nuclear accident in Japan, exposing dozens to what?
Question 10
This famous rock and roll legend married his cousin.
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