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Sudden Death Game

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This largest, thickest nerve in the body travels from the lower back through the buttocks and into the leg. Add an "A" to its name and you have a painful lumbar disorder. What nerve is this?
Question 2 of 15
Which actor stars in 'Scarface'?
Question 3 of 15
In hot air ballooning, passengers stand in what?
Question 4 of 15
What device would you use to open and close a circuit?
Question 5 of 15
In the 1600s, Chef Francois Pierre de La Varenne likely founded what country's haute cuisine, as court chef to Louis XIV?
Question 6 of 15
Which of these wars started in 1914?
Question 7 of 15
Lipps Inc pleaded for somebody to just take them from Minneapolis to what town, "a town that's right for me" and that could "keep me grooving with some energy"?
Question 8 of 15
What was the last name of Alessandro, the man who invented the battery?
Question 9 of 15
What dates does your birthday have to fall between for you stat sign to be a Capricorn?
Question 10 of 15
What phrase appears in none of the early movies, nor in any of the original books, but instead appears to come from the MGM parking lot, where Johnny Weismuller used it when helping Maureen O'Sullivan with her luggage?
Question 11 of 15
Banksy parked a sculpture of what corporate icon in front of its corporate locations, complete with a very real shoeshine boy tending to its oversized shoes?
Question 12 of 15
What "Peace Train" singer converted to Islam, became Yusuf Islam, and condoned the fatwa against Salman Rushdie?
Question 13 of 15
Who sang the famous song "When I Was Your Man" (2013)
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The Greek dish taramosalata, called tarama in Turkey, is made from the salted and cured roe of what animal?
Question 15 of 15
What dish from Spain consists of saffron rice, shrimp, clams, chicken, sausage and peas?

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