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General Knowledge quiz

Question 1
What does the internet expression "IRL" stand for?
Question 2
Quesadillas are included in which cuisine?
Question 3
Eleanor of Aquitaine left France's king and married another country's king, namely Henry II. Of what country was Henry king?
Question 4
During World War II, Britain's crown jewels and the Magna Carta were held in what Kentucky fort?
Question 5
The Bracero Program of the 1940s allowed many campesinos, or peasant agricultural workers, to come to the United States from what country?
Question 6
James I, William Rufus (William II), Richard the Lion-Hearted and Edward II may have been gay. And all were kings of what place?
Question 7
Common in Asian cuisine, mangetout, snow, sugar and snap are varieties of what vegetable, eaten with the pod?
Question 8
Judging from science fiction, we'll eat pills someday instead of food. But we'll need about half a pound of fat-filled pills a day, or about 450 capsules, to get what necessary number of calories?
Question 9
In which century did the American First lady Anna Eleanor Roosevelt die?
Question 10
Where is the Pentagon located?
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