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General Knowledge Quiz

Question 1
What is the process by which wine is exposed to air to "relax" the drink?
Question 2
What else generally goes on "cinnamon toast" besides cinnamon and butter?
Question 3
What ex-general and former president was personally offended by the movie Battle of the Bulge, which was set, not in a claustrophobically foggy forest, but on an easier-to-film treeless sunny plain?
Question 4
In Dodge City, Kansas, back in the Wild West days, when would you have ended up at Boot Hill?
Question 5
Vermont has a French name. What does it mean?
Question 6
In 1984, what George Michael group became the first major western rock band to perform in China?
Question 7
What musical, a Vietnam-era updating of Madame Butterfly, was famous for a scene in which a helicopter lands on stage?
Question 8
Who played Atticus Finch in the 1962 film of To Kill a Mockingbird?
Question 9
Who was Oliver Cromwell?
Question 10
Washington D.C. was originally founded near which river?
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