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Hardly anyone is able to beat these 10 history questions!

Question 1
Who did Barack Obama marry in 1992?
Question 2
Who flew the "Spirit of St. Louis" across the Atlantic in 1927?
Question 3
Who was credited with inventing the double-edged safety razor in 1901?
Question 4
In 1892, Rudolf Diesel was credited with which invention/discovery?
Question 5
What was Orville Wright's brother's name?
Question 6
Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay scaled what mountain in 1953?
Question 7
In what natural object was a hole discovered in 1985?
Question 8
Twenty-two leaders of the Nazi party were tried in 1946 in what German city?
Question 9
What famous WWII battle between the Germans and Allies began on December 16, 1944
Question 10
Which government initiative tested the first atomic bomb on July 16, 1945?
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