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Who knows the answer to question 7?

Question 1
Finish The Lyric: "Speaking words of wisdom"?
Question 2
Which choice is most related to "quotient"?
Question 3
What is a strongly defended, often walled building or group of buildings used by the military?
Question 4
He'd have been lousy at trivia. Which "Wizard of Oz" character was looking for a brain?
Question 5
Posing as scrap metal merchants, people from what country occupied an abandoned whaling station near the Falklands, in 1982?
Question 6
In which city might you cross the Grand Canal at a bridge called the Rialto?
Question 7
Looking through a book of Arabic names, Dana Owens adopted what stage name, the second half of which means "delicate"?
Question 8
Related by marriage to a celebrated American dynasty, who became the first woman to sit in Britain's Parliament, but also was a Nazi sympathizer?
Question 9
Which was began in 1959?
Question 10
The most common place for a hernia in a man is where?
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