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We do mean nobody

Question 1
What happens when you wrap glue-soaked string around a balloon, let dry, then pop it?
Question 2
Which of these popular ice cream flavors does not normally come from a bean?
Question 3
What rank did Muammar Qaddafi stick with, despite running the entire Libyan military?
Question 4
In 1912, which country gave the United States the yoshino cherry trees that bloom every year in Washington along the Tidal Basin?
Question 5
What would you see if someone's epidermis were showing?
Question 6
What letter is found in the abbreviation for "ounce" is not actually found in the word "ounce"?
Question 7
In what country does minestrone literally mean "the big soup"?
Question 8
Who was John Adams?
Question 9
What is the name of the volcano in Italy that erupted in 79 AD and destroyed the Roman city of Pompeii?
Question 10
What was the name of the man who killed Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963?
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