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A quiz only seniors will be able to score a decent score

Question 1
Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard were both wives of what king?
Question 2
Which best seller is about in heaven, life is explained by five people?
Question 3
Linguine is named for what body part, which is crucial to your enjoyment of linguine?
Question 4
What First Lady was known for her rehab clinic at Rancho Mirage, California?
Question 5
Whose Gunpowder Plot was exposed on November 5, 1605, when he was caught with explosives in the cellar underneath the House of Commons?
Question 6
Which of these country's citizens is most likely to complain about the political goings on at "Number Ten"?
Question 7
Ships have crossed this body of water for centuries. In 1785, it was first crossed by air, in a balloon. In 1875, Matthew Webb swam across it. What is this place?
Question 8
What president's coffin had to opened in 1901, due to rumors that he wasn't actually buried there, although his mole and beard were still visible on his blackened skin?
Question 9
Who was John Hinkley, the man who made an attempt on Reagan's life, obsessed with?
Question 10
Which British Prime Minister won a third term in 1987?
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