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Undefeated Quiz

Question 1
What is the hard, dark substance found in the ground that is mined for fuel?
Question 2
What number comes next in this sequence: 8, 16, 32, 64...?
Question 3
In what city would you take a water bus called a vaporetto to get around on the Grand Canal?
Question 4
What last name is shared by Joaquin, River and Rain?
Question 5
Despite being set in Egypt, what movie was banned there because its star, Elizabeth Taylor, had converted to Judaism?
Question 6
What 1975 movie adaptation of a stage musical only became a hit once the Waverly in Greenwich Village started showing it at midnight in 1976?
Question 7
Wynton may be more famous, but Branford Marsalis once had a gig as the bandleader on whose late-night talk show?
Question 8
As the story goes, what vodka-and-orange cocktail was named by oil workers for the tool they used as a swizzle stick?
Question 9
What Anheuser-Busch brand is the King of Beers?
Question 10
In 1614 What was Galileo Galilei accused of?
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