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What is your IQ?

Question 1
What is another term for a mixed-breed dog?
Question 2
Which Greek city was originally built around the Acropolis?
Question 3
In which country would you find fried meatballs served with potatoes and gravy called frikadeller?
Question 4
What is the process of removing dead skin cells from the body called?
Question 5
What is the term that refers to the feeling of stability in an artwork?
Question 6
Which is a box of favorite items that you put away for a long time?
Question 7
What country is the setting for the movie "Heidi"?
Question 8
A baby of which of these ages has been alive longest?
Question 9
I live in an undersea pineapple and my best friend is a starfish. Who am I?
Question 10
What is the eighth month of the year?
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