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Question 1
A circular arc of longitude that meets at the north and south poles is known as a what?
Question 2
Anchorage is the largest city in which US State?
Question 3
Paraguay has borders with Argentina, Brazil and which other country?
Question 4
Which of these countries lies on the same continent as Peru?
Question 5
The highest mountain in the world is in which range?
Question 6
The 2011 film "The Iron Lady" is a biography of which historical figure?
Question 7
Which of these often features 2 glasses of milk being poured on top of their logo in their branding?
Question 8
What country is NBA basketball player Yao Ming originally from?
Question 9
Which name did Algonquin tribes give the full moon during the month of September?
Question 10
Which decade is known as "The Golden Age of Television"?
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