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Question 1
What was Davy Crockett trying to defend when he was killed in 1836?
Question 2
Near which French city is the Euro Disney located?
Question 3
Board meetings are very much in the decline thanks to what?
Question 4
With which of these industries would you associate the brand "Target"?
Question 5
What is the FIFA code for Argentina?
Question 6
The Foo Fighters' song "Something From Nothing" was inspired by the history of what American city?
Question 7
Who was the star witness in the 1986 Iran-Contra hearings?
Question 8
The often misquoted-quoted "Good evening, Clarice" is a line from what 1991 crime thriller?
Question 9
Who turned pro in 1996 as the first to win three straight U.S. Amateur Golf tournaments?
Question 10
Francis Ford Coppola's 1972 film "The Godfather" focused on the lives of what Mafia family?
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