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Question 1
What weather phenomenon was the Norse god Thor thought to control?
Question 2
During what War did the 1847 'Siege of Pueblo de Taos' take place?
Question 3
In 1909, who became the first American worth more than a billion dollars?
Question 4
What is the name of the day the allied landings in Normandy commenced?
Question 5
What was the name of the hurricane that devastated New Orleans and the United States Gulf Coast area in 2005?
Question 6
Who was Alexander Fleming?
Question 7
In which decade were Rockabilly music and pompadour hairstyles made popular?
Question 8
Which French palace was lived in by Louis XIV?
Question 9
Which European country split into two republics in 1992?
Question 10
What type of dog did Queen Elizabeth II of England call her favorite?
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