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Question 1
Mikhail S. Gorbachev was President of what nation?
Question 2
In what year did the Cuban Missile Crisis occur?
Question 3
Vodka comes from which country?
Question 4
In a 2011 single, Maroon 5 claimed to have "moves like" which member of the Rolling Stones?
Question 5
Dolly Parton sung many duets with which other US country singer?
Question 6
What is at the center of all bundt cake pans?
Question 7
If you order a wine in a French restaurant, how will it probably be served?
Question 8
In a medical context, something that is pertaining to the skin is known as what?
Question 9
Which basketball term is defined as "the playing area for a game "?
Question 10
Wyoming was the first state to grant the right to vote to whom?
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