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Question 1
In ballet, what is a barre?
Question 2
What word completes the rhyme "There once was a man from Beijing/All his life he had hoped to be"?
Question 3
What weapon is a symbol of Poseidon?
Question 4
What is grown in an orchard?
Question 5
In what U.S. state is New York City located?
Question 6
The English flag consists of a white background with a cross of which color?
Question 7
Complete the title of the 1981 Disney film "The Fox and the...."?
Question 8
The film "Jack the Giant Slayer" is a retelling of what tale?
Question 9
Which of these gadgets was launched most recently?
Question 10
If a recipe asked you to "saute" a chopped onion, what would you do?
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