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History Quiz

Question 1
What event was set in motion with the coded message Niitakayama Nobore ("Climb Mount Niitaka")?
Question 2
What president's coffin had to opened in 1901, due to rumors that he wasn't actually buried there, although his mole and beard were still visible on his blackened skin?
Question 3
According to legend, which pair of twins founded Rome in around 750BC?
Question 4
How did King Mithridates VI of Pontus develop a resistance to poison in case an attempt was made to poison him?
Question 5
Icarus, a figure of ancient Greek mythology, famously flew too close to what?
Question 6
What did Norma Jean Baker change her name to in 1956?
Question 7
What does the "D" stand for in the name Franklin D. Roosevelt?
Question 8
What was the codename for the U.S.-led atomic bomb research program that was started in 1942?
Question 9
What was the name of the mutual defense treaty that eight communist states in Eastern Europe established on May 14, 1955?
Question 10
Which form of transportation was invented first?
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