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Question 1
Historically where could one have found warlords called shoguns?
Question 2
Bernini, Correggio and Botticelli were all artists from what nation?
Question 3
A famous panel of the Sistine Chapel features the creation of who?
Question 4
In which country is the city of Calgary?
Question 5
In which American state would you find Alamogordo?
Question 6
Of these, which is not a coastal city?
Question 7
What was Mike Markkula's pen name when he wrote programs for Apple?
Question 8
In golf, what is the "apron"?
Question 9
According to the song "Wrong Side of Heaven" by Five Finger Death Punch, who had the singer been talking to?
Question 10
Dance all night, go to work, do the move with quirky jerk is from what Cars song?
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