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What process uses heat to release carbon from starch and sugar, thereby changing the color and texture of bread?
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Per the lullaby, what will Mama buy you if that mockingbird don't sing?
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Which soft leather shoes were worn by many indigenous peoples of North America?
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What gum's flavor is most likely a combination of banana, peach, pineapple and maybe jackfruit?
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The ancient practice of foot binding was popular in what country?
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Tenzing Norgay's father reported seeing this, and in 1960, the World Book Encyclopedia sent Sir Edmund Hillary looking for it. What is it?
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What punishment did Richard Nixon receive for his role in Watergate?
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Gin and vermouth are mixed to make which cocktail?
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What director used his Godfather profits to buy the Inglenook wine estate in Rutherford, California?
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Who sang the famous song "September" (1979)
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