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Fun History Quiz

Question 1
Which famous actress and model was born in 1970?
Question 2
Which former French president led the Free French Forces during World War II?
Question 3
What multi-millionaire owned one of the world's largest independent fleet of ships?
Question 4
In 2013, North Korea pulled out of a 60-year armistice with what country?
Question 5
In 1499, Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci gave what country its name, meaning "Little Venice"?
Question 6
Detained too long to make it back to his ship, John Young instead married Princess Namokuelua and became the royal governor of what island?
Question 7
Abigail Smith Adams was the wife of which American President?
Question 8
Joan of Arc was a national hero of which country?
Question 9
Which French Queen was executed during the French Revolution?
Question 10
What device was used in early firearms to push the projectile into the propellant?

Answer riddle/puzzle:

It is an old sewing machine
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