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Mixed Knowledge Quiz

Question 1
In the Dr. Seuss story, what did the Grinch try to steal?
Question 2
Which country is known as the Land of the Rising Sun?
Question 3
Finish the country's common name: North _______.
Question 4
Complete the name of this famous artist. 'Van _____'.
Question 5
Who was the lead singer of the American grunge band Nirvana?
Question 6
What 1957 Sidney Lumet film featured an all-male cast?
Question 7
What would you call a large rodent that builds dams and dens in the water?
Question 8
What is a region of Earth in which all areas share the same time called?
Question 9
Who is Billie Holiday?
Question 10
Which queen did Julius Caesar help to gain control over her country?
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