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Question 1
During the Cold War, the British worried that if the Russians swarmed into West Germany during the winter, it would be too cold to detonate the proposed nuclear mines along the border. So they suggested having what fowl nest atop the mines to keep them warm?
Question 2
Despite having had only three months of formal education, who won some 1300 patents?
Question 3
Photographer Astrid Kirchherr is wrongly credited with what band's moptop haircuts?
Question 4
In 1969, she decided to "Stand By Your Man" when she married George Jones, but in 1975, they got a "D-I-V-O-R-C-E." Who is she?
Question 5
Steven Tyler is the lead singer in which rock band?
Question 6
Whose 2013 hit LP is "Believe"?
Question 7
In 2014, 276 girls were abducted and held hostage in which African country?
Question 8
Which two famous stories are said to have been written by the ancient Greek poet Homer?
Question 9
Which U.S. bridge were bicycles permitted to cross for the first time in 1970?
Question 10
Which 60s singer released the album "Highway 61 Revisited"?
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