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History Quiz

Question 1
Who was President between 1963-1969?
Question 2
The Roman Empire was centered in which present-day country?
Question 3
What was the heavily guarded border called that separated Eastern and Western Europe after WWII?
Question 4
Mohammed Morsi was elected President of which country in 2012?
Question 5
In what U.S. city did 100,000 people demonstrate against the Vietnam War on May 9th, 1970?
Question 6
More than a dozen presidents belonged to what organization, which the paranoid have blamed for the French Revolution, the Jack the Ripper killings and just about everything else?
Question 7
Name the US missiles that were controversially positioned in the UK in '81?
Question 8
Neil Armstrong first stood in which location on the Moon?
Question 9
Of these, which was a world leader in the 80s?
Question 10
Who was President of the United States between 1933 and 1945?

Answer riddle/puzzle:

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