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This quiz makes a grown man cry

Question 1
What song hit #1 in 1960 by Roy Orbison?
Question 2
Which pair of animal species and type is correct?
Question 3
A Matthew Bourne ballet called "Deadly Serious" was an homage to what director, who was certainly deadly scary?
Question 4
What are you doing if you put your right hand in, then out, then in, and you shake it all about?
Question 5
What is the Dutch town of Edam world famous for?
Question 6
What is best described as leakage out of a material or structure?
Question 7
What is the perception of frequency called?
Question 8
Green is created by blending what two colors?
Question 9
What animal is the largest member of the ape family?
Question 10
Manfred von Richthofen, considered the top ace of World War I, is better known by what nickname?
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