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General Knowledge Brain Test

Question 1
In all, 2,500 people died and 300,000 were left homeless in a multiple earthquake/fire disaster that destroyed 4 square miles, 514 blocks and 28,188 buildings. Even the fire chief was killed. What US city was this?
Question 2
The painter Raphael was known for his paintings of what Biblical woman?
Question 3
What is the capital city of China?
Question 4
Until the 1920s, Ireland was part of which country?
Question 5
When Christopher Columbus first landed in Jamaica in 1494, who claimed it as a territory?
Question 6
In which century did Martin Luther King die?
Question 7
Which of these men was responsible for the assassination of Julius Caesar?
Question 8
Which historical figure is Santa Claus based on?
Question 9
What country, slightly less than three times the size of Texas, uses the peso as its currency?
Question 10
Which animal comes before Kong in the 80s arcade game?
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