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Math Test

Question 1
Bill scored 22 points in the basketball game and Dwayne scored 6 less, how many points did Dwayne score?
Question 2
What is 78 - 36?
Question 3
What number do you need to add to 128 to equal 200?
Question 4
How many dishes does Henry have if he breaks 5 plates and 3 cups in a 28 piece set?
Question 5
If two people each ate 1/3 of a pie, how much of the pie is left?
Question 6
How much does 12 + 12 equal?
Question 7
If you drive 150 miles a week, how often will you need an oil change (assume every 3000 miles)?
Question 8
What is the sum of 2900,180 and 203?
Question 9
Which number is the greatest common denominator for 20 and 60?
Question 10
A school spent £988 on computers, £324 on tables and £76 on chairs. How much money did the school spend?
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