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General Knowledge Quiz

Question 1
Historically where could one have found warlords called shoguns?
Question 2
There are people walking around today with cochlear implants in their brains. What do they use these implants for?
Question 3
Doo lang, doo lang, doo lang. In 1976 George Harrison lost a plagiarism lawsuit over My Sweet Lord's similarity to what early 60s tune?
Question 4
What language is spoken in New Zealand?
Question 5
Which of these Mountains can be found in Hawaii?
Question 6
Which famous Johnny O'Keefe song did he release in 1956?
Question 7
At 22 years old, the day I married Charles Black, I officially retired from movies, my last film being the awful A Kiss for Corliss. Who?
Question 8
During WWII, a destroyer named the O'Bannon found itself too close to a Japanese sub to use its weaponry. Instead, they threw what tubers, which the sub mistook for grenades?
Question 9
What was Italy's traditional currency before the euro?
Question 10
What waterfall at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe is considered to be the largest fall in the world?
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