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Quiz about famous people from the 60's and 70's!

Question 1
What was the name of Princess Grace of Monaco's youngest child, born in 1965?
Question 2
Who was the first man on the moon in 1969?
Question 3
Which Beatle controversially said they were "bigger than Jesus" in 1966?
Question 4
Which actor starred in 1967 movie "The Graduate"?
Question 5
Jerry Hall, Marsha Hunt and Bianca de Macias were connected to which famous rock star?
Question 6
American politician Spiro Agnew was convicted of which crime in 1973?
Question 7
Which of the Osmonds had a hit with "Puppy Love"?
Question 8
Who played Chief Brody in 1975 movie "Jaws"?
Question 9
What was the first name of President Ford, inaugurated in 1974?
Question 10
What was the first name of Mr Jobs, who incorporated Apple Computer in 1977?
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