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Mixed Trivia Quiz

Question 1
Cher named her most famous child for what 1969 movie, in which she played the hitchhiking title role?
Question 2
Both Ford and Fiat bombed in Brazil, when they introduced different cars with the same name ... and name that is also the local slang for "small genitals." What car was this?
Question 3
What semifluid fermented milk food, mixed with cucumber and spices, gives you raita in India and jajik in the Middle East?
Question 4
What was the currency of Italy before the Euro?
Question 5
Pittsburgh Pirates are an MLB team in which US state?
Question 6
Who was forced to read the Ningen Sengen, declaring that he was, in fact, just a human being?
Question 7
What is a 10-letter word meaning "the place where streams meet"?
Question 8
In 1949 what country did Mao Zedong have a Communist victory?
Question 9
Where was the first Beatles appearance in America?
Question 10
Fire Brick is a shade of which color?
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