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Question 1
What is the domestic cat's ability to twist its body using its sense of balance to land on its feet called?
Question 2
He replaced William Burns in 1924, held the job for 48 years, and was in turn replaced by Clarence Kelley. Who was he?
Question 3
Whose former wife, Mia Farrow, became his mother-in-law in 1997?
Question 4
What movie title character complained, "I am not an animal, I am a human being"?
Question 5
Which US President authorised the use of atomic bombs against Japan?
Question 6
Which Nicolas was President of France in 2009?
Question 7
Which of these foods is a typical Greek dish?
Question 8
Over 2,340 miles, what river forms the boundary or part of the boundary of nine states?
Question 9
Genghis Khan led which people in the 13th century?
Question 10
The Spanish holiday, National Day, celebrates whose arrival in America?
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