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Genius Quiz

Question 1
In which of these cities are you most likely to meet a Catalan nationalist?
Question 2
Les Miserables debuted in what city, where it was also set?
Question 3
Which of these rivers is mentioned in Duran Duran's single Rio?
Question 4
Who the man affectionately known as Mr Apple?
Question 5
In what city did Princess Diana suffer her fatal car crash?
Question 6
What is the largest island in the continental United States?
Question 7
There are people walking around today with cochlear implants in their brains. What do they use these implants for?
Question 8
Although not all that popular Down Under, what lager's North American ads says that it's "Australian for beer"?
Question 9
An Angus is black and hornless; the Hereford is red with a white face; Ayrshires are often red, too. What are they?
Question 10
In what country was Julius Caesar born?
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