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Mixed Trivia Quiz: Hard

Question 1
Manuel II was the last monarch of which nation?
Question 2
Which musical instrument did Sherlock Holmes play?
Question 3
What do you add to a watercolour pigment in order to paint?
Question 4
What is the "Arabic" number for the Roman numeral XC?
Question 5
If Seinfeld's Soup Nazi had been a Soup Communist, he'd probably serve a lot of borscht. What red root vegetable is the main ingredient in borscht?
Question 6
Engelbert Humperdinck was born Arnold Something. And that Sometime is the same name as sibling bandleaders Jimmy and Tommy. What name is this?
Question 7
What album's spectrum-producing prism cover was inspired by Pink Floyd's light shows?
Question 8
In the 1980s, what country at first appeared to be on its way to winning the Falklands War, having sunk the Sheffield, Coventry, Ardent and Antelope?
Question 9
What is 'Pumpernickel'?
Question 10
Gallifrey House has 104 house points and Skaro House has 79. How many more points does Gallifrey have?
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