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Mixed Knowledge Quiz: Hard

Question 1
Which of these ingredients is the basis for Italian dressing?
Question 2
Writer William S Burroughs was named for his grandfather, who invented an arithmometer in 1885. What is this?
Question 3
The Battle of Long Island' in 1776 was fought during which war?
Question 4
What is the name of the waterproof item of clothing which is named after the Scotsman who started selling it in 1824?
Question 5
Which British songstress of "Back to Black" died at the age of 27 in 2011?
Question 6
What is best described as the base unit of electrical current?
Question 7
What Disney attraction is an indoor roller coaster that simulates a spaceship ride?
Question 8
After General Victoriano Huerta overthrew President Francisco Madero, the office temporarily fell to his foreign minister, Pedro Lascurain. Very temporarily, since he was out of office as well within the hour. In what country?
Question 9
What website is most credited with expanding the popularity of purchasing things online?
Question 10
What country in Africa with Freetown as its capital uses the leone as its currency?
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