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General Knowledge Quiz

Question 1
What spice grows feathery leaves and is used for pickling?
Question 2
What landmark was actually carved out by the Colorado River, although legend says Paul Bunyan did it by dragging his ax?
Question 3
Versions of what food include the Chicago deep dish, California gourmet and Hawaiian, which comes with pineapple?
Question 4
What French cooking school was named for the symbol of L'Ordre du Saint-Esprit, a 16th-century order of nobles created by King Henry III?
Question 5
From what country is pop singer Kylie Minogue?
Question 6
Michelle Obama tweeted a photo of herself in the White House, with the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls. Where had they gone?
Question 7
Today, Mount Olympus is found on the border of Thessaly and Macedonia in what country?
Question 8
What unusual real-life sports team inspired Cool Runnings, in which John Candy plays a disgraced Olympian?
Question 9
In 2013, several people were killed in a terrorist attack on a mall in which African country?
Question 10
Which of these geographical features is located in Cuba?
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