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History Quiz

Question 1
What was the first name of the US President known by the nickname JFK?
Question 2
In finance, what is Monday, October 19, 1987, known as?
Question 3
The average life expectancy of a US female in 1970 was what?
Question 4
What was Wolfgang Mozart's middle name?
Question 5
On what Japanese cities did the U.S. drop atomic bombs in 1945?
Question 6
Who is the month of July named after?
Question 7
Which annual summit took place in Northern Ireland in June of 2013?
Question 8
Where can you find the Chartres Cathedral?
Question 9
Twenty-two months of negotiation and the 1998 Good Friday Agreement ended violence in what nation?
Question 10
Which river is called "Rio Bravo" by Mexicans?
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