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Math test

Question 1
What is 300 minus 156?
Question 2
What value of x makes 10x = 350 a true statement?
Question 3
If the wage is $8 an hour and a person works 45 hours a week, what is the total?
Question 4
Which is heaviest: a ton, a pound, a hundredweight or an ounce?
Question 5
If you have 28 candies and eat a dozen, how many are left?
Question 6
How many dimes equal two dollars?
Question 7
What shape is an object that has all four sides three inches long?
Question 8
Solve this equation for N: 3N = 90?
Question 9
What is the total of 105 + -7 + 80?
Question 10
If John puts three apples in a bucket with Janet's 13 apples, how many apples are in the bucket?
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