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Difficult Mixed Questions

Question 1
Inspired by the perfume atomizer, Wilhelm Maybach invented what car part, which could vaporize gasoline at exactly the right time?
Question 2
How many Presidents before 2007 died in Tennessee?
Question 3
Finish the band name: The Pussycat ______.
Question 4
What can dogs do that wolves can't?
Question 5
What art form is Andy Warhol known for?
Question 6
Now that London uses less coal, its people experience fewer pea-soupers. What is a pea-souper?
Question 7
Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant were the first two people to use this invention, but First Lady Lucy Hayes was the third. What?
Question 8
Who sang the famous song "Someone Like You" (2011) ?
Question 9
Which of these scientific terms is defined as the Earth moving between the Sun and the Moon?
Question 10
Pick the greatest number that divides evenly into both 140 and 35?
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