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How many Squares?

Question 1
How far would you swim in 14 laps of a 50-meter pool?
Question 2
In a poll of 100, 33 prefer milk, 46 prefer cola, and 21 prefer water, what percent prefers milk?
Question 3
If the product of two numbers is 72 and one number is 8, what is the other number?
Question 4
If a team wins 80 and loses 80, what is its winning percentage to three decimal points?
Question 5
What designates the hours between noon and midnight?
Question 6
How many right angles does a square have?
Question 7
If you buy two pairs of jeans for $20 each, and they are 25% off, how much will you spend?
Question 8
Which of these numbers is not equal to the others: .25, 25%, 1/4 or 1/5?
Question 9
Find the next number (rounded off) in the following sequence: 49.00, 196.00, 784.00, 3136.00...
Question 10
What is 1/2 of 750?

Answer riddle/puzzle:

There are 40 squares.
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