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If your IQ if above 130 you should score at least a 8+!

Question 1
Portland is the largest city in two states, but is the capital of neither. Which two?
Question 2
How do artists join two pieces of steel when making a sculpture?
Question 3
On which continent is Greece located?
Question 4
Which part of the UK has the largest population?
Question 5
What distinctive mark is found on "Swiss Army" knives?
Question 6
In what type of cuisine is a tomatillo mainly found?
Question 7
On the 1976 album Hotel California, Joe Walsh was the "new kid in town" who replaced Bernie Leadon in what band?
Question 8
King Juan Carlos I abdicated as King of which country in 2014?
Question 9
Mike Nash was angry that he couldn't install Microsoft Vista on his laptop. And Nash was the vice president who oversaw what company's product management?
Question 10
Which of these wars started in 1914?
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