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Question 1
What animal today looks a lot like a Triceratops?
Question 2
What powerful family had somebody in Congress every year from 1947 to 2011, and sent Joseph P back in 2013?
Question 3
What "Russian" dish is beef cubes in a sour cream and mushroom sauce?
Question 4
What did the "Farmer in the Dell" take?
Question 5
What is the official language of North Korea?
Question 6
What is dry ice made from?
Question 7
Bette Davis, who'd been a Southern belle in Jezebel, passed on what role when she thought Errol Flynn would play Rhett Butler?
Question 8
General Creighton Abrams and General William Sherman both have what military item named for them?
Question 9
In what century did two-thirds of Europe's Jews die, more than had died in 18 centuries worth of pogroms?
Question 10
Which of these great world leaders was Macedonian?

Answer riddle/puzzle:

line 6, 12th number
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