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Sudden Death Quiz

Question 1 of 15
Which of the following terms is defined as "the use of actual light as an art medium"?
Question 2 of 15
Jerusalem belongs to which Middle Eastern country?
Question 3 of 15
Which species best matches this description, "long, slow-moving, plant-eating insect that looks like a twig"?
Question 4 of 15
Benjamin Franklin invented what?
Question 5 of 15
Which of these continent - country - capital groups is correct?
Question 6 of 15
Contrary to what you saw in the Russell Crowe movie, while John Nash heard voices in his head, he never saw hallucinatory people. What film?
Question 7 of 15
In 1989 there was a student rally for democracy in Tiananmen Square, what country is it in?
Question 8 of 15
Which word is spelled wrong?
Question 9 of 15
What famous character could spin straw into gold?
Question 10 of 15
Ayatollah Khomeini called for a fatwa on which author of 1988's "The Satanic Verses"?
Question 11 of 15
What were British fighter pilots who shot down five or more enemy aircraft called in World War I?
Question 12 of 15
Which style of music grew from the Rastafarian religious movement?
Question 13 of 15
If you were in Orange County, California, which ocean could you swim in?
Question 14 of 15
A hexagon with each side 7 inches long, what is the perimeter?
Question 15 of 15
The Horn of Africa is contained within which country?

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